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Vulnerability Assessment And Penetration Testing

Vulnerability analysis externally or internally is a network security service, the objective of which is to find out possible vulnerabilities and security weaknesses in network components and to provide recommendations for actions to protect the organization network against discovered vulnerabilities and security weaknesses. 

Vulnerabilities and security weaknesses are analysed by utilizing a highly effective combination of network security analysis tools, which provide extensive and up to date coverage of security checks. Alpha Networxx security specialists analyse the reports and results produced by the different network security analysis tools. This is done to ensure that the given recommendations to solve security problems are suitable for the client’s network environment. A comprehensive audit report categorizes the revealed security flaws according to their priority and provides recommendations for fixing the identified problems.

The objective of this service is to quantify the risk associated with an up-to-date and complete threat spectrum. Alpha Networxx will assess all targets which range through:  

• Microsoft based system

• Unix / Linux

• Networking Device

• Networking Services


• WIFI (Personal/Enterprise)

• Web Application  

Alpha Networxx delivers advisory level recommendations and not the typical “by the book” recommendations commonly highlighted by auditors. Please note that Alpha Networxx is not a scanner dependent company and offers a methodological approach that mimics the cybercrime world.


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