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Data Security And Encryption

Over the past decade of IT our endpoints have become increasingly mobile and access to data increasingly important. This evolution has, of course, helped employees to be more efficient, but it also means that more and more sensitive information is stored in off-line data storages not directly controlled by the corporate IT team. These data storages could for example be a hard-drive in an employee’s laptop, mobile phone, a remote e-mail client or a file storage at a 3rd party entity.

Using mobile devices unfortunately also means that these devices can be easily lost, misplaced or stolen. By deploying a strong encryption policy of sensitive data the basic problem of losing sensitive data is being addressed since if a device is lost no data on the endpoint can be accessed without the proper authentication. It is worrying to think that approximately 5000 laptops are lost in airports around in the world every single day – a vast majority of those being without any kind of encryption of sensitive data. Encryption technologies can also be applied to sensitive information exchanged by two organizations such as e-mails, file transfers and other documentation transmission. Internally in an organization there may also be the need to encrypt and protect specific data, so that only a controlled audience can get access to the information. This could, for instance, be protection and encryption of intellectual property, sensitive HR information or other critical information. Alpha Networxx has implemented and consulted on encryption solutions for many critical network infrastructures in the Middle East, including government, financial and industry. Alpha Networxx is also an end-user of their own encryption solutions and applies strong encryption and data security for critical data within the Alpha Networxx Infrastructure spanning both smartphones, laptops and other IT systems


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