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Network Access Control

Looking historically at Network Security infrastructure organizations have been focused on deploying perimeter security solutions such as Firewalls, IPS Systems other gateway solutions in order to handle threats and intrusions originating from extranet connections such as the Internet or 3rd Party connections. Unfortunately threats cannot be controlled and any organization therefore needs to handle the issue of employees or internal users being the source of threats. Oftentimes employee is not even aware that their actions are causing a threat to the IT infrastructure.

Solutions like Network Access Control provide an organization a possibility to control which devices are allowed on the network, and which state this device is in. As an example, many organizations may have a policy that only corporate delivered PCs and laptops are allowed on the networks, but only very few organizations are able to enforce this as they simply do not have the technical controls for this. Network Access Control solutions makes it possible for an organization to control who is connected to the network, and what device they are connecting with. Depending on the device type and state of the device specific access in the network can be provisioned automatically.

As an example, an organization can choose to give different access to a machine if all technical controls like Antivirus, Patch Level etc. is up to date, while machines that are failing these types of checks may be provisioned a limited access. By enforcing such policies Network Access Control also becomes a vital tool in handling the threats from spyware and virus spread as such types of malicious content are typically spreading using vulnerabilities in unpatched systems. Alpha Networxx is an expert in Network Access Control Systems working with leading vendors since the concept of Network Access Control was first defined. Alpha Networxx has delivered Network Access Control solutions all over the world and has been recognized by leading vendors of Network Access Control solutions as an expert in the field of consultancy and deployment of Network Access Control. Alpha Networxx has designed and deployed solutions for up to 25.000 concurrent users in complex networks spanning multiple global locations.


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