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Network Behaviour Analysis

Network Behaviour Analysis is rapidly becoming a very powerful tool in identifying security incidents and intrusions in a network. A vast majority of malicious applications such as viruses, spyware and botnet activity is very difficult to identify for traditional network security devices, but a network behaviour analysis solution will be able to identify the change in behaviour from infected hosts. Typically a host that is infected will change the pattern for how sessions are set up, the volume of sessions, may communicate to new ports or send data-traffic which is different to a non-infected host. Based on a number of characteristics a network behaviour analysis solution will be able to flag or identify suspicious traffic before any other security solutions such as antivirus or IPS systems may even have a signature for the infection.

Furthermore, a Network Behaviour Analysis solution can be a very important tool when reporting on performance metrics such as application response time, volume of transmitted data, top-talkers etc. This information can be utilized for instance when sizing infrastructure, WAN links and other resource planning. Alpha Networxx partners with some of the leading vendors with Network Behaviour Analysis tools and have been deploying Network Behaviour Analysis tools for some of the major Financial, Government and Telco infrastructures in the Middle East.


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