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Network Security

As organizations become more and more dependent on IT systems to support business processes it is important that critical systems are protected in order to address Security risks of modern IT environment. Alpha Networxx employs industry experts within the field of Network Security and are able to apply the expertise of Alpha Networxx organization onto customer IT environments. Examples of the services that Alpha Networxx offers are end to end evaluation of IT Network Security implemented by an organization, identification of gaps in Network Security and optimization of Network Security deployed by an organization.

Quite often organizations have deployed Network Security solutions such as Firewalls and IPS Systems, but are not getting the correct value of these solutions due to the way the implementation has been performed. Alpha Networxx can verify deployments of such solutions and if they are done based on best practices of the industry and solution capabilities. Furthermore, with our focus on ISO 2700x and other compliancy frameworks we are able to map the deployment of Network Security solutions into the technical controls of the compliancy framework planning to be deployed.

As an example, a customer’s risk assessment will dictate how a firewall or IPS system is deployed and the expertise of Alpha Networxx can ensure an efficient mapping & configuration. In case an organization needs to refurbish or modernize their Network Security controls. Alpha Networxx also partners with some of the leading vendors within the field of Firewall and IPS technologies.


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