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Remote Access Solutions

Any organization today is faced with the challenge of making sure the IT environment supports business and operational requirements in the most efficient way. One of the very important technology objectives can be achieved is allowing employees and partners to access the IT information infrastructure in a flexible way, disregarding the location, time and connection type. Furthermore, employees have been increasingly accustomed to being able to work from home or from remote locations allowing them a more flexible work day. Remote Access Solutions have therefore become a key component in any IT infrastructure today. When deploying a Remote Access infrastructure it is extremely important that security is the foundation the solution is designed around.

A Remote Access Solution should in itself be secure, but since the Remote Access Solution becomes the interface where data is presented through it is also important that extra care is taken in securing this data. It is imperative that in the design of a remote access solution the focus is kept on who should use the solution, which data should be presented and how it should be presented. Legacy Remote Access solution rarely allows a granular control of the access, which is why many Remote Access Solutions today are unsafe and does not offer the needed flexibility in controlling access. Alpha Networxx has extensive experience in designing, deploying and operating remote access solutions from some of the largest customers in the Middle East.

Furthermore, Alpha Networxx is partnering with some of the leading vendors within the field of Remote Access Solutions, covering both the actual solution and Authentications and authorization solutions.


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