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Web Application Firewall

Over the past few years organizations have been undergoing a paradigm shift in how communication is being handled between organizations, third party and customer, which has all been driven by the rich functionality that can now be build into web-based applications. While web-applications used to be static, relatively simple applications accessed through a web browser web-based applications have now become the preferred media for 3rd party and customer interactive websites. The added functionality comes at a price though since websites and web applications have generally become more vulnerable to attacks and the fact that we are at the same time presenting more data through the website means that websites have become targets of hackers and attackers.

Web Application Firewalls greatly help reduce the weaknesses by acting as an application-aware layer of defence with the capability to drop malicious traffic and communication attempts. When configuring a Web Application Firewall it is very important that the engineer has a strong understanding of weaknesses in application and which vulnerabilities to protect against. Therefore all of Alpha Networxx consultants have application control and development background in addition to real life experience in penetration tests and vulnerability assessments. Alpha Networxx has deployed and operates some of the most critical Web Application infrastructures in the Middle East in Finance, Government and other sectors.


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